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Submitted by Larry


When I heard the McCarty Brothers were going to rendezvous in Florida for a getaway weekend, I was all in. Eager to book a Southwest Airlines Flight, using my frequent flyer miles, Brad Savage mentioned that he would be driving to Florida and passing right through Tennessee. Reluctantly I accepted and immediately felt like I was in a hostage situation.



Once in the vehicle (a Trax no less, even though being Trans is all the rage) I was told I had to complete the State License Plate Game (which included Canada and the District of Columbia Ö that is not a State game). Afraid for my safety, I complied.

Fourteen hours later, I was released from the vehicle, to blue skies, warm temperatures, and the inability to move my legs. After a few hours in the hot tub, feeling was being restored to my legs.

The next day, the rest of the McCarty Brothers arrived and it was off to Immokalee for a little Indian Casino action. Letís just say the Indianís exacted their revenge on the white man that day.

In the evening, a little action at a poker room and I won back what the Indians had taken earlier in the day. (sorry if this isnít politically correct)

While in Florida, we took in a Tigerís preseason game, played golf at Tiger Woods Putt Putt, Tigerís ex can swing a nine-iron like no other, a little karaoke, more poker, lots of good food, many soaks in the hot tub, before being forced back into that Trax for a God-awful 13 hour drive back to TN.

All in all, in spite of the Trax, spending time with my brothers is priceless and I always have a great time when we can sit around laugh and reminisce about the old days.
Love you guys, but I am not getting back into that Trax!

The boys hanging out at the Tiki Bar
Heading into the Imoklee Casino followed by a nightly run to the Poker Room - And a little frozen concoction to finish off the day
Some dinner at the Lansdowne Street, a Boston based restaurant - Enjoying some of the amenities at the condo


We got in 18 holes at the famous Tiger Woods putt putt course in Fort Myers


Hhad a great time watching our Tigers play Minnesota at Hammond Stadium, the Twins spring training facility. Thanks Dennis for the tix!


The boys visit the 'Giant Beethoven Head', the 'Peeing Man', and the Pipeosaurus Imaginarium Dinosaur





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