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Andy McCarty has become Bob and Jean McCarty’s first grandchild to retire. Andy, a 24-year officer with the Baltimore Police Department, attended a retirement ceremony on March 30 at police headquarters in Baltimore. On April 1, he began a new job as education outreach coordinator for Impact Teen Drivers, a nationwide nonprofit. He talks to Maryland teens about safe-driving habits and the dangers of distracted driving. As a Baltimore police officer, Andy, 48, was on several units in the Northern District. He also picked up a street nickname, “Ghost,” for his surveillance techniques. “My grandfather and my uncle were both Detroit police officers,” Andy told his new employer. “It runs in the family.” Andy, Ann, and their children Sam, Max, and Gracie are looking forward to Andy’s new gig. Congrats to the entire McCarty family!



On Friday, April 7, the editor of the McCarty Metro, and leader of the rock band Brad Savage & the Cockroaches underwent a reverse right shoulder arthroplasty surgery. This was due to a fall sustained at home last year, along with years of arthritis which built up. The 3 hour surgery was a success, but the long healing process has begun. It will be 6 weeks post surgery before Kelly can drive leaving much of the daily household chores and duties up to wife Margaret. Below are some photos the day of the operation, and 2 weeks Post OP for the removal of the bandages.

Dr. initials the correct arm - Sitting up in bed post surgery - Swollen hand from the IV antibiotics
2 weeks later - Bandages removed to show the scar - New protective strips - Xray showing the new shoulder vs the old one


Karen and Mike accompanied the Besselsen family on a trip to visit Larry and Gina in early April. The hosts showed the guests a great time, putting them up at their Mt. Juliet home and taking them into downtown Nashville. On the fun agenda: a cookout at home, a Redneck Comedy Tour Bus, Dragon Park aka Fannie Mae Dees Park, Nashville’s Parthenon, Honky Tonk Central, create your own Goo Goo Clusters, duckpin bowling at Pins Mechanical, dinner at Amerigo Italian Restaurants, and more. Jill, Jon, Natalie, Henry, Larry, Gina, Karen, and Mike had lots of laughs set to country music. Great time!



On March 4, radio host Jack Krasula aired his hour long interview with the McCarty Metro's own Steve McCarty. They discussed the path he took to become the CEO of UHY Advisors, a top certified public accounting agency that prides itself on their holistic approach to helping middle market entrepreneurs succeed.

Jack Krasula said... "We’re honored to have Steve McCarty as our guest this Saturday, March 4, 2023 on WJR AM-760 at 10:05pm – 11:00pm (EST). It will also be available on the web via streaming at WJR.com".

Some highlights of the interview...

Steve was born in Detroit, Michigan

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Walsh College

Steve started his career at Beaumont Hospital

In 1992 he moved into Public Accounting at UHY starting in Tax, moving to Audit, then creating the Firm Investment Banking Division

Since 2019 Steve has been the Chairman & CEO of UHY overseeing the Firm’s significant growth

UHY provides audit, tax, consulting and strategic planning to Private Equity portfolio companies, closely held middle market businesses, the mid-cap public marketplace and Entrepreneurial owned businesses

UHY is headquartered in Michigan, and is the 28th largest firm in America

ED NOTE: This great and informative talk can also be heard here... https://thegreatvoice.com/Episode/anything-is-possible-steve-mccarty/17495


Well after 37 years all good things must come to an end. Gull Lake 2023 will be our last trip to Augusta, Michigan the final tour. It will be from May 24-26. I'm calling on all past Gull Lake attendees to try to make it out for the finale. I made the first tee time later in the day on Wednesday because Bedford was doing maintenance to the course in the morning.

Frank once again will be making the rules hopefully they won't be on a three page word doc. Friday at Stoatin Brae will be a scramble. 

Cost of the three day two night package is $337

$357 (3 Rounds / 2 Nights) Senior + $55 (Stoatin Brae) - $75 (Rain Credit) = $337 Per Person

ED NOTE: Due to my should surgery, I will not be playing this year. Good luck guys!

"Let's Party McCarty" is on YouTube. Created by Alexa McCarty, it goes through her daily life. Let's Party currently has 33 subscribers, 128 videos, and over 3685 views. Check out Alexa's "Let's Party McCarty" YouTube page and subscribe.


Submitted by Elias

themccartys on TikTok has grown it's following to over 6 million people. They also have over 134.2 million likes. themccartys on YouTube are currently top 25 in the US, and are also in the top 50 in views world wide, and they have over 7.4 million subscribers and over 11.5 billion (yes with a 'b') views.

Congrats to Kevin, Stephanie, Audri and Braxton on this great feat. If you haven't seen their posts yet, download the TikTok and YouTube apps and search for themccartys and follow them or subscribe to their channel.


VERIFIED TikTok @ themccartys - 
Supporting: American Heart Association

Check Out themccartys and follow them on TikTok and YouTube

New on the Tik Tok platform is the former drummer for Brad Savage & The Cockroaches, Lake Speed. In just several days, he already has amassed 133 followers, and over 1100 likes of his humorous videos. Check him out and follow on Tik Tok and YouTube under Larry McCarty which he has over 11,000 views. You'll be glad you did!


Attention dog owners... With the weather getting warmer, and your dogs may be more out and about visiting neighbors and going on neighborhood trips, here is a handy chart on exactly what dogs can, and what dogs can't eat. Keep it handy!

If you have household tips, tricks, or hacks that you would like to share, send them to me at mccartymetro@gmail.com

Here are some recent travel destinations from our readers...

The McCarty brothers reunited in Florida in March for some fun in the sun.
Chris, Amanda, Alexa, Cooper and Papi Neil went on a cruise to Cabo
Mike, Karen, Jill, Jon, and kids took a road trip to Nashville to visit Larry & Gina

Steve & Megan boarded an airplane with the Detroit Red Wings to accompany them on their road trip to Boston

Did you travel recently? Send us your destination and pictures to mccartymetro@gmail.com


A child's first teacher is his mother. So... In honor of Mother's Day coming up on May 14, here are a few things that I learned from Mom...


My mom taught me about weather... "Your room looks like a tornado hit it!"
My mom taught me about religion... "You better pray that comes out of the carpet!"
My mom taught me about osmosis... "Shut up and eat your supper!"
My mom taught me about the circle of life... "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!"
My mom taught me about receiving... "You are gonna get it when we get home!"
My mom taught me about genealogy... "Shut that door... You think you were raised in a barn?"
My mom taught me about justice... "One day you'll have kids... I hope they turn out just like you!"
My mom taught me about logic... "Because I said so! That's why!"
My mom taught me about stamina... "You'll sit there until your vegetables are gone!"
My mom taught me about irony... "Keep crying. I'll give you something to cry about!"
My mom taught me about time travel... "If you don't straighten up, I'm gonna knock you into the middle of next week!"
My mom taught me about envy... "There are millions of less fortunate children in the world who don't have wonderful parents like you!"

Dear Editor: I recently downloaded "The United States of America - License Plate Game" from the McCarty Metro for a 13 hour road trip. You can imagine my surprise to find "Washington DC" listed among the 50 States. Is the Metro contributing to the dumbing down of Americans' understanding of "States" or is the Metro buying into the "Woke Mob" insistence to make this crime ridden city the 51st State? -Blurry-Eyed Passenger

ED NOTE: I figured that Biden would quickly grant statehood to DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico. That would put us at 53 states, and automatically make the Pledge of Allegiance come true. We would literally be one nation, indivisible. (Get it? 53 is a prime number... I'm on the oxy, so not sure if it's funny or not)

Dear Editor: Radio Host Dr. Laura recently said to me to "kill your father... figuratively". There was a really long pause between "kill your father" and "figuratively". I am an impulsive person and so I acted quickly on Dr. Laura's advice. My question to you is, how should I dispose of my father's body... figuratively? - Blood on My Hands

ED NOTE: I think you just are too reactive. You notice that I didn't call the cops right away when you made a killing at the Immokalee Casino. Although all your brothers did help you dispose of the body... figuratively!

Dear Editor: I was recently offered an apple that had remained in a locked vehicle for 6 days in 90 degree temperatures. Scientists estimate temperatures in a closed vehicle will increase by 48 degrees, meaning this apple was heated and reheated to 138 degrees for 6 days straight. Having taken a bite from this toxic apple, should I be concerned about health ramifications or do I have a legal option against the person who offered me this nuclear apple? -Mushmouth

ED NOTE: You didn't know, but when not in use, my Chevy Trax becomes a large capacity slow cooker and  food dehydrator. You should've went with the delicious banana chips like me!

Dear Editor: Sandy and I want to wish you good luck with your surgery and recovery.  We'll add you to our prayer list. -Brian and Sandy

ED NOTE: Thanks Cuz. Much appreciated!

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For those that do not speak the language, Le' Food is French for "The Food"! Here you can find some of our Metro family favorite recipe and tips.

Readers, email me at mccartymetro@gmail.com to submit your favorite recipe for inclusion in an upcoming issue.
This month we have a great recipe submitted by

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 20 minutes | Total Time: 40 minutes


2 tablespoons olive oil
1 pound chicken thighs, boneless and skinless, sliced into strips
1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes, drained of oil, chopped
1 pound asparagus, ends trimmed, cut in half
1/4 cup basil pesto or more, to taste
1 cup cherry tomatoes, yellow and red, halved
1 cup uncooked tortellini


Heat a large skillet on medium heat, add 2 tablespoons olive oil add sliced chicken thighs, season chicken generously with salt, and half a chopped sun-dried tomatoes - and cook everything on medium heat for 5-10 minutes, flipping a couple of times, until the chicken is completely cooked through. Remove the chicken and sun-dried from the skillet, leaving the oil in. Add asparagus (ends trimmed), seasoned generously with salt, remaining half of sun-dried tomatoes, and cook on medium heat for 5-10 minutes until the asparagus is cooked through. Remove the asparagus to a serving plated. Cook tortellini according to the package instructions, drain. Add chicken back to the skillet, add pesto, stir to coat on low-medium heat until the chicken is reheated, 1 or 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Add tortellini, halved cherry tomatoes, mix with the pesto and the chicken. Add more pesto if desired. Taste, and add more salt if needed. Add chicken and tomatoes and tortellini to the serving plate with asparagus.


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Tribute To 'Ghost'

Army Staff Sgt. Christopher Hoffert and Airman Dallin Wrye tell the story of Officer Andy McCarty, a.k.a. "Ghost," a Baltimore police officer.

Monkey & the Cork

While in Florida with his brothers, Larry retells the famous Monkey & the Cork joke that dad could never finish because he laughed so much.

OMG - Dad Is Crazy

Super Hero or Super Crazy?
My dad can fix anything!

A Hole In One

Steve drains a long putt for
a hole in one at the
Tiger Woods course



.If you know someone who could use our prayers, please email me at mccartymetro@gmail.com.



Don Shane, 70, Detroit TV sports caster. Chaim Topol, 87, actor (Fiddler on the Roof, Flash Gordon, For Your Eyes Only), complications from Alzheimer's disease. Robert Blake, 89, actor (Little Rascals, Baretta), Emmy winner (1975), heart disease. Napoleon XIV, 84, singer ("They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!"). Jesús Alou, 80, baseball player (San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics), World Series champion (1973, 1974). Bud Grant, 95, basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers), Hall of Fame football player (Winnipeg Blue Bombers) and coach (Minnesota Vikings). Dick Fosbury, 76, high jumper (Fosbury Flop), Olympic champion (1968), lymphoma. Pat Schroeder, 82, politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1973–1997), complications from a stroke. Joe Pepitone, 82, baseball player (New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs), World Series champion (1962). Willis Reed, 80, Hall of Fame basketball player (New York Knicks) and coach (New Jersey Nets), NBA champion (1970, 1973), heart failure. Jerry Green, 94, Hall of Fame sportswriter (Associated Press, The Detroit News). Al Jaffee, 102, cartoonist (Mad Magazine), multiple organ failure. Len Goodman, 78, ballroom dancer, television presenter, and coach (Dancing with the Stars), bone cancer. Harry Belafonte, 96, Hall of Fame musician ("The Banana Boat Song"), actor (Odds Against Tomorrow), and civil rights activist, congestive heart failure. Jerry Springer, 79, television host (The Jerry Springer Show, America's Got Talent) and politician, mayor of Cincinnati (1977–1978), pancreatic cancer. Dick Groat, 92, baseball (Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals) and basketball player (Fort Wayne Pistons), World Series champion (1960, 1964), complications from a stroke.



I am not able to drive my Chevy Trax per doctors orders as I recover from shoulder surgery, and unfortunately, I left my secondary mode of transportation (which actually is roomier than the Trax) out in front of the Metro HQ and it was vandalized in broad daylight!


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