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On May 1, 2020, Austin McCarty graduated from the University Of Michigan with a masters degree in business (MBA). At the time, because of COVID, all commencements were virtual. His graduation was viewed by family and friends in an on-line setting. Fast forward 2 years... All graduating classes from 2020 were allowed to do a new live commencement at the University of Michigan Stadium on May 7, 2022. Proud parents Kelly and Margaret, along with brother Brad, and fiancée Kristina were in attendance to see Austin receive his well deserved diploma and do the walk that he was deprived of 2 years earlier. Congratulations Austin!

Austin's grad photo, and the moment he gave the thumbs-up at the big house on the big scoreboard


When Karen and I boarded the Disney Dream cruise ship in Port Canaveral, Florida, there was lots of hoopla about a “50th anniversary celebration.” How did they know that Karen and I are celebrating our 50th this year? Well, turns out the ballyhoo was for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Nevertheless, we had a great time on the Disney cruise from April 29 to May 2. We traveled to the Bahamas and back with Ryan and Missy and their children, Luke, Mia and Brayden, plus Missy’s parents, Al and Mona. The accommodations and food were great. And we found entertainment ranging from Disney characters wandering the decks to people dancing to miniature golf to a magic act to stage plays. We saw elaborate productions of “Believe” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

In the Bahamas, we stopped at Nassau for several hours. The next day we spent time on the sunny beach of Castaway Cay, a small island that the Disney company purchased in a land lease from the Bahamian government. While there, Ryan, Missy, Luke, and Mia ran a race and received medals, and we all enjoyed an outdoor barbecue. One of the nights included fireworks that lit up the night sky. It was quite a trip that was started by a mouse.


Gull Lake 38 is now in the books. Dodging raindrops, and getting the final day rained out, 12 competitors traveled to Gull Lake to compete for this years' green jacket. Congratulations to Glenn Lukas who won the event, and thank you to Mike and Frank who planned the outing and came up with the games and format. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!


Gull Lake 38 once again scheduled to be played. With the US borders back open, we expect Canada to be represented again. Because of the increasing age of the competitors, and several ailments, the actual amount of singles play golf has been drastically reduced. In the original years, the guys played 72 holes of singles competition. but co-commissioner Mike reports that on Wednesday there will only be 18 holes played. There will also be more scrambles vs. singles golf over the three day event. 

Besides reigning champion Jim Prentis, this years’ field also has several former champions including Kelly McCarty. Glenn Lukas, John Russo, and Mike Wiacek. Also in the field of 12 are Frank Merriam, Steve McCarty, Ben Toner, Lyle Winn, Gary Hodgkins, Mark Dolinski, and Tom Taylor. They all will try to make it to the winners circle this year.

Here's to good weather, good scores, good times, and keeping your heads down.


3-2 Glenn Lucas - Glen's game is a lot like gratifying himself. He enjoys it a lot, but the other guys in his group say it’s disgusting to watch.
2-1 Steve McCarty - What a round last year... Not only did Steve get an eagle and 3 birdies, but he also got a goose, a rabbit and 2 squirrels.
3-1 Mike Wiacek - Mike bought a brand new driver year because he realized that the one he had last year did not float very well at all.
5-1 Lyle Winn - Lyle finds it a lot easier now to hit the fairway when he tees off. He's just not picky about which fairway.
6-1 Tom Taylor - Can Tom hit a large green from a perfect lie 160 yards out with a with his 4-iron? Well... Yes! Eventually!?!
7-1 Gary Hodgkins - Gary has gotten more aggressive this year. In fact he proudly says "It takes a serious amount of balls to golf like I do."
8-1 Frank Merriam - In primitive times, people who beat the ground with clubs and screamed were called witches. Frank just calls it golf!
10-1 John Russo - In John's practice round, he was under the entire 18 holes. Under a tree... under a bush... and under the water...
10-1 Ben Toner - Ben's bringing an extra pair of pants. No... not in case he gets a hole in one... Ha ha! It’s for when he shitz himself. HE'S 80!!!
12- 1 Jim Prentis - Jim was asked what is his go-to shot that never fails. After watching him, we found the dependable shot is his 4th putt.
15-1 Mark Dolinski - Mark hates long par 5's. After he completed #17 last year, the scorer asked what he got? He answered “Depressed.”
20-1 Kelly McCarty - Kelly lost over 50 pounds by going on the Crappy Golfers Diet. No too many greens, but a hell of a lot of water.

Hello Metro Readers...

We at the McCarty Metro want to help protect you from scammers that attempt to impersonate major companies like Fed Ex, the IRS, Amazon, banking institutions, and others. Remember these important clues so that you can identify scams and keep your account and information safe:

1. Never feel pressured to give information (such as your credit card number or account password) over the phone, or over the internet, especially if the call or email was unexpected. Scammers may try to use calls, texts, and emails to impersonate the business' customer service department. If you're ever unsure, it's safest to end the call/chat and reach out directly to customer support through the company's app or official website.

2. Never pay over the phone. Legitimate companies will never ask you to provide payment information, including gift cards (or “verification cards”, as some scammers call them) for products or services over the phone.

3. Trust your normal banking or other legitimate apps or website. ALWAYS ways go through their apps or website when seeking customer support or when looking to make changes to your account.

4. Be wary of false urgency. Scammers may try to create a sense of urgency to persuade you to do what they're asking. Be wary any time someone tries to convince you that you must act now.

For more information on how to stay safe online, or to report suspicious communications, visit that company's actual Customer Service page, which can be found in the Help section located in the app or the company's website home page.


In February, Rick McCarty went on a diet and lost over 30 pound in only 30 days and has kept it off. On a trip to Florida in March, he showed off his success and shared how he did it with his brothers, and challenged Kelly and Larry to try it. They both started their journeys in late March, and as of this article, in 90 days, Kelly, who started at 290 pounds is now at 238 which is a 52 pound loss and is maintaining it. Larry started at 278.8, and has slimmed down to 222, which is over 56 pounds lost.

ED NOTE: Thank you Rick for sharing your journey with us and for coaching and cheering for us along the way. It has gotten us both to our goals.

themccartys on TikTok and YouTube are not the only McCarty family sites on social media... Brand new this year is "Let's Party McCarty" on YouTube. Created by Alexa McCarty, it goes through her daily life. Let's Party currently has 31 subscribers and over 2400 views.

Check out Alexa's "Let's Party McCarty" YouTube page and subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTqznbORcb7jjztHwRj6zQ



themccartys on Tik Tok has grown it's following to over 5.4 million people. That is an increase of over 200,000 in the past 60 days! In our May issue, we reported that they had 5.2 million followers. They also have over 118 million likes. On YouTube, they are currently #16 in the US, and are also in the top 50 in views world wide, and have over 3.67 million subscribers and over 5.8 billion (yes with a 'b') views.

Congrats to Kevin, Stephanie, Audri and Braxton on this great feat. If you haven't seen their posts yet, download the TikTok and YouTube apps and search for themccartys and follow them.


VERIFIED TikTok @ themccartys - 
Supporting: American Heart Association


Check Out themccartys and follow them on TikTok and YouTube


13 Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Here is a list of 13 projects you can do over the summer. Try one, or do them all


Power Wash Your Driveway and Sidewalks
Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts
Wash Windows and Replace Window Screens
Prevent Bug Breeding Grounds
Beautify Your Yard
Prep Your Grill for Backyard BBQs
Stage Outdoor Furniture
Examine Your Hoses


Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Clean the Garbage Disposal and Dishwasher
Reverse Ceiling Fans
Perform Washing Machine Maintenance
Wipe Down and Clean Baseboards

If you have any household tips or tricks, send them to me at mccartymetro@gmail.com


Here are some of the recent travel destinations from our faithful readers

Mike, Karen, and Ryan & Missy's family all went on a Disney cruise
Larry & Gina took a trip to Yellowstone National Park
Kelly & Margaret took a cross-country road trip to Bend, Oregon

Steve, Kristen, Megan, and Jenna took their own week long road trip down to beautiful South Carolina

Did you travel recently? Send us your destination and pictures to mccartymetro@gmail.com

Dear Editor: I heard you went on a diet and when visiting Frankenmuth, known for their Fried Chicken, you restrained yourself and ate a salad. Is it true PETA is giving you an award for all the chicken lives you saved that day? -Some dumb cluck

ED NOTE: Saving lives is my middle name. PETA did give me an award, but they ended up taking it back. Unfortunately, even though I saved their lives, Frankenmuth had to lay-off most of the chickens as they had no work for them!

Dear Editor: I saw the movie "Field of Dreams" where if you build it they will come. I painted a Pickleball Court on my driveway and I've yet to see a large line of vehicles driving up to see my Pickleball Court. Was the Field of Dreams fictitious or did I do something wrong? -Standing alone in my driveway

ED NOTE: Not to spoil the premise of the movie, but Dad was supposed to come back in the end... Unfortunately, the voice didn't say pickleball... The voice actually said paddleball! Now, listen to your wife, and get out of the kitchen!

Dear Editor: Do you have any secret tips for picking the winning Powerball numbers? -Needing a big win 

ED NOTE: I would suggest getting the support of all your online friends. Tell everyone on Facebook you will share your winnings with them. When you win, don't give them any money, just post and share!


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For those that do not speak the language, Le' Food is French for "The Food"! Here you can find some of our Metro family favorite recipe and tips.

Readers, email me at mccartymetro@gmail.com to submit your favorite recipe for inclusion in an upcoming issue.
This month we have tips submitted by Kelly


Why not spice up your BBQ this summer with this little twist on a normal hot dog...


1/2 medium ripe avocado, peeled
1 tablespoon lime juice
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
6 hot dogs
6 hot dog buns, split
1 small tomato, chopped
3 tablespoons finely chopped red onion
3 bacon strips, cooked and crumbled


In a small bowl, mash avocado with a fork, stirring in lime juice, salt and pepper. Grill hot dogs, covered, over medium heat until heated through, 7-9 minutes, turning occasionally. Serve in buns. Top with avocado mixture, tomato, onion and bacon.


1 serving: 310 calories, 19g fat (7g saturated fat), 29mg cholesterol, 844mg sodium, 25g carbohydrate (4g sugars, 2g fiber), 11g protein.


You can submit videos by sending it to me, send me a link, or uploading to YouTube and sending me the info to mccartymetro@gmail.com


School Band

Mia and Luke play with their
school's band 

Road Trip Sing-along

Kelly & Margaret sing to pass time
on their cross country road trip in the
Chevy Trax

Ask Mom For Ice Cream

Alexa posts a video on her
Let's Party McCarty YouTube page 

Home Alone

The McCarty's post a video
on their YouTube page



.If you know someone who could use our prayers, please email me at mccartymetro@gmail.com.



Daryle Lamonica, 80, NFL football player (Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills). Guy Lafleur, 70, Hall of Fame ice hockey player (Montreal Canadiens, Quebec Nordiques, New York Rangers), five-time Stanley Cup champion, lung cancer. Orrin Hatch, 88, senator (1977–2019) and president pro tempore of the U.S. Senate (2015–2019). David Birney, 83, actor (St. Elsewhere, Bridget Loves Bernie, Oh, God! Book II) and stage director, complications from Alzheimer's disease. Mike Hagerty, 67, actor (The George Carlin Show, Lucky Louie, Friends). Naomi Judd, 76, Hall of Fame country singer (The Judds) and songwriter ("Change of Heart", "Love Can Build a Bridge"), suicide by gunshot. Mickey Gilley, 86, country singer ("Room Full of Roses", "Don't the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time", "Stand by Me"). Fred Ward, 79, actor (Escape from Alcatraz, The Right Stuff, Tremors). Bob Lanier, 73, Hall of Fame basketball player (Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks) and coach (Golden State Warriors). Maggie Peterson, 81, actress (The Andy Griffith Show, The Bill Dana Show) and location manager (Casino). Ray Liotta, 67, actor (Goodfellas, Field of Dreams), Emmy winner (2005). William Lucas (no photo), 93, politician, sheriff (1969–1983) and executive (1983–1987) of Wayne County, Michigan. Jim Seals, 79, musician (Seals and Crofts, The Champs) and songwriter ("Summer Breeze"). Dave Hebner, 73, professional wrestling referee and manager (WWE, TNA). Dave Wickersham, 86, baseball player (Kansas City Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates). Tim White (no photo), 68, professional wrestling referee (WWE). Joe Staton (no photo), 74, baseball player (Detroit Tigers). Tony Siragusa, 55, football player (Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens), television host (Man Caves) and actor. 




The McCarty Metro in the past several years has a policy of hiring only married men to work at the coveted online newspaper. Concerned about this, the leader of a local Woman's Liberation Front, confronted the editor of the Metro, Kelly McCarty, and asked him, "Why is it that you limit your employees, to the married men? Is it because you consider us women weak, dumb, cantankerous, tantrum-throwers and bossy ?" Kelly replied, "Not at all, Ma'am. Our policy is to hire staff who are used to obeying orders without questioning, are accustomed to being shouted at, know how to keep their mouths shut, and would put up with just about anything when I yell at them. And I found all these qualities only in married men.”


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