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As we mentioned in the March edition of the McCarty Metro, we learned that Jerry McCarty took the Ancestry.com DNA test, to find his heritage. Through the test, he was informed him that he had 2 first cousins that have also taken this test. One, Kathleen (McCarty) Unti is the daughter of Bill McCarty. The other was Eugene Skladnowski, a person that Jerry had just found out about. We continue the story to find out more about our new cousin...




(This is in reply to a Happy Easter email that Jerry sent to Gene)

Thanks for the Easter wishes. It has been decades since I was at Ventura Beach. My adopted mother’s older sister lived down in La Jolla and we spent a lot of time out the West Coast when I was “little”, and even went to Disneyland a few years after it opened. In fact my mother is actually buried in Fort Rosecrans cemetery since she was a Marine during WWII and passed away while living near Mission Bay! She gets a beautiful view of the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean from her plot! Any way I thought that I would copy the “Savage” (Kelly McCarty) on this email to ensure that pictures make it to the press before the 29th deadline! One of these days I hope I can jam with the Cockroaches! Looks like a lot of fun!

(In Jerry's email, Gene comments on Kelly's complaint that Gene still had a full head of hair)

Kelly’s comment regarding the complaints he received indicating that I seem to be the only McCarty to have kept his hair, I can only say, have you looked at my son James’ Facebook page? We’re twins. Thanks to modern engineering, both Bill Shatner and I can give the illusion of having a full head of hair. With the number of McCarty men, I’m sure we could command a significant discount from my hair stylist if we just teamed up together! I actually lost most of my hair by 20 and have been wearing a toupee since 1972! The Disk Jockey School photo (below) is proof! 

To show how badly I have aged, I am attaching a few picture of me growing up! When my wife saw the Bernie Sanders boyhood photo on the McCarty Metro site she though it was me as a teenager! You be the judge! Feel free to use any of the photos even though I hate the Disk Jockey School photo!

(Jerry then commented that he thought the DJ picture looked cool)

As you can see, technology has come quite a way since 1972.  You can’t see it in the photo, but next to the board was an eight track tape player for canned commercials!  Back then we were still cueing up records on turntables, since vinyl was the primary format for music!  Boy, I’m getting old!

(And some more information learned from Ancestry.com)

As far as my search goes, my genetic matching on Ancestry has turned up a half sister. In my conversations with her, she initially thought that I was related to her through her father, but after talking with some of her other surviving relatives it now appears that it was her mother who gave up a child for adoption. She is going to try and verify that by investigating the court records and adoption files when she has some time in May. Our mother’s maiden name was Dorothy Pries and she married Norbert Rzeppa. They had two children together, a boy Norbert, Jr. and a daughter Patricia/Tish and that’s where everything stands at the moment!

I look forward to the McCarty Metro every month! Here are some photos...

A young, smiling Gene Skladnowski poses for a picture, along with pics with his parents at Christmastime
Gene in Arizona in 1953, along with a birthday party photo from 1957
A young Gene with his mom and dad (and a Miller Beer sign), along with a couple school photo day photos.
Gene in Florida in 1966 and at Disk Jockey school in 1972. In the DJ pic, we can see the McCarty hairline showing up.
Gene as an adult and from a cruise in 2012 with his lovely wife Dolores 

ED NOTE: If any of our readers can fill in any holes for Gene or us here at the McCarty Metro, feel free to email me at mccartymetro@gmail.com, and I will pass it along to Gene. You can also send Gene Skladnowski a friend request on Facebook.


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