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With Jer

Thanks to everyone for your phone calls, emails, and support. I will be undergoing a Gastro Imaging Study to see if the cancer has caused some problems in my stomach.

I am still using a cane, but I am getting around a little better now and even went for a bicycle ride this month. I also went swimming and am looking forward to a fun summer ahead.

Cancer isn’t funny, but the things that happen to you
when you have it sure are.

I will be undergoing a procedure this month where I will have eat something and then they will put cameras in my stomach to see if it is working like it is supposed to. Since my diagnosis, I have had cameras in my colon, my arteries, and now my stomach. The worst part is that the patient is awake and is watching the procedure on a monitor with the doctor. Because I always feel compelled to make small talk, here’s some of my comments during my Colonoscopy...

Me: “When we are done, could you tell me wife that despite what she thinks, my head is not up my ass?”

Doctor: “I haven’t found anything strange yet
Me: “Ummm…. There’s a camera up my butt, to me that seems strange.”

Me: “If you find my dignity could you please give it back to me.”

Me: “Let me know if you happen to find my TV Remote Control in there. I’ve been looking for that thing for the last 2 months.

Me: “After you’re done can I get a selfie with you and my colon to post on Facebook?”

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