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With Jer

In February, I received my next Chemo Infusion. I also got a new MRI, needed a IV for fluids, visited my radiation doctor and my oncologist. I am so lucky to have my lovely wife, Kathlene taking me around to all of these doctors.

Also, my 16 year-old son, Evan, caught the flu and while laying on the couch said to Kathlene, “Now, you are going to have to take care of 2 helpless incapacitated men!”

Cancer isn’t funny, but the things that happen to you
when you have it sure are.


Whenever I go into a hospital, MRI, or Radiation they always tell me how they ”respect my privacy”. Then, they make me change into the most ”unrespectful” thing in the world, the Hospital Gown. To call this thing a gown is the biggest over-statement in the world. It is a small bed sheet with arm holes and is the worst gown I’ve ever seen, next to that crappy homecoming dress that Molly Ringwald sewed together in “Pretty in Pink.” 

There is no way to wear this thing without your butt sticking out the back and you’d have to be double jointed like Harry Houdini to tie it. I always leave on my underwear and they always have to yell at me and say, “take everything off but your socks”. And it is worse for Radiation, because they make you sit while wearing the hospital gown in a waiting area with other patients until they call your name to go in the MRI Tube. And, as you walk down the hall you know everyone is looking at your butt.

There have been great medical advancements in the past 20 years, but why are we still wearing the same Hospital Gown that people wore in the 1920’s. Why not a bathrobe, velcro, or some pancho type thing? I’m not saying to stop research on Cancer or AIDS, but why can’t they at least make this a challenge on Project Runway?


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