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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Bob "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" Hope, and I want to tell you, it has been a wild end of to winter around the McCarty family.

How about that all that rain that the California McCartys have been getting? Isnít that something? There hasn't been that many mudslides in Malibu since Mel Gibson went to Happy Hour at TGI Fridays. Isnít that wild?

How about Larry and Bobby starting a fire in a field in Tennessee. Wasnít that wild? That's the most grass I've seen burned in Tennessee since Miley Cyrus broke her bong. Isnít that something?

How about Kelly and Margaret taking Olivia to see Sesame Street Live? Wasnít that something? I havenít seen Kelly that happy to see a Big Bird since he went to Zehnders. Isnít that wild?

How about Austin going to Amsterdam. Isnít that wild? I haven't seen a McCarty go past that many red lights since the brakes went out on Dan McCartyís Ford Maverick. Isnít that something?

How about Steve McCarty losing big at the Dan McCarty Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament? Wasnít that something? I haven't seen that bad of a hand since Jim Abbott. Isnít that wild? 

How about Margaret getting sick after Kelly took her to White Castles on Valentineís Day? Isnít that wild? I havenít seen anyone hurl that many sliders since Max Scherzer. Isnít that something?

How about everyone at Shelby Crossings celebrating Mom McCartyís 90th Birthday? Wasnít that something? I havenít seen those old people move like that since someone put Ben Gay in the Vickís Vapo Rub. Isnít that wild?

I hope you all have a great St. Patrick's day and...

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