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With Jer

This past month I had my third Uranium Isotope injection and have been trying to build some muscles on my exercise bike and by walking.  I am so lucky to have Kathlene, Dana, and Evan looking after me.  They are constantly helping me by reminding me of my limitations and picking me up when I fall.

Thank you to all my friends who send encouragement my way.  When I am at my worst, I always pick up my phone and scroll my friends on Facebook.  Your thoughts and prayers make a huge difference in my life. 



I was diagnosed with Spinal Cancer in October, 2015 and here are my one-liners that my medical professionals have given me during chemotherapy.


(When they start the IV) – “Do you want Gray Goose or is the house Vodka OK?”

(As they pull the thermometer from my mouth) – “It looks like you are a quart low”

(As they start the Chemotherapy) – “Next time wear a mask and we will call you Chemo Sabe.”

”We are going to change the name of checking your prostate to a MAN-ogram.”

“Just be glad you don’t have Colon Cancer. That’s a pain in the ass.”

(When the nurse changed my IV) – If anybody asks, you can now tell people you went to an I.V. League School.

And... My gastroenterologist while I was in a hospital bed. “The good news is that your colonoscopy came back normal, the bad news is that I can’t find my watch”

Barbara Calati
David Lipinski
Jerry McCarty

Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers

American Cancer Society
St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital




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