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Jerry wins the Stanley Cup Jerry's first album

My brother, Jerry McCarty, loved to Photoshop himself into famous photos on his Facebook page. So, in honor of Jerry, the challenge this month is for our readers to submit photos with themselves (and/or others) Photoshopped in, for inclusion in this month's Challenge. You can email your creations to mccartymetro@gmail.com

We will post the photos on this page as they come in. Hopefully by the next issue we will have a page full. You can also view last months' challenge submissions on recreated photos at the bottom.

ED NOTE: If you do not have Photoshop skills, but would like to participate, then send me a photo of you, and the photo you would like to be shopped into, and some directions of how you want it to look to the same email above, and I will do my best to shop it together for you.


Brad Savage & The Cockroaches form a new boy band


Last Month's Challenge Submissions

Recreate A Photo From Your Past!

The McCarty Metro asked our readers to submit their recreated past and childhood pictures. From grown-ups snuggling on their parents' laps to mimicking cringe-worthy family portraits alongside their adult siblings, we wanted to see your old photos and your re-enactments. If you would like to still submit for inclusion, send your original and recreated photos to mccartymetro@gmail.com.

Here are the submissions I received...

Chris & Margaret 1982, 2023 Cooper at 5 and at 10


Bobby, Larry, Scarlett 2015 - 2023
Brother and Sister Joe & Gina going to school Brad Savage & Lake Speed as children & enjoying a cocktail
Grandpa & Gray at 1 year and 7 years

Brother and sister Kyle & Amanda Westfall as kids and as adults

Dad Bob and Daughter Kaitlin by the river

Kathy & Charlie 50 years in love Merri Lee & Chuck celebrating 22 years of marriage
Brad & Austin sharing the tub

Steve, Kristen, Megan, & Jenna in Florida


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