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During Thanksgiving week, I underwent Chemotherapy and my 5th Uranium Injection. Then, I spent my Thanksgiving Meal with Kathlene, Dana, Evan, and Marge. I am so lucky to have these people in my life and they help me in so many ways. 

My Dad taught me that a father is supposed to take care of his wife and kids. Currently in my family it is the opposite, but I am extremely grateful for what they do for me. In December, I will have an MRI and Bone Scan to see if these treatments have stopped the Cancer from spreading. Hopefully the report will be good and I can get back to being a normal Dad. 



I was diagnosed with Spinal Cancer in October, 2015 and before then, I never thought that I would die from Cancer. Based on the Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) from when I was a kid, these were the top 3 ways I thought I would meet my demise...


Willie Mays did commercials explaining that I should not play with Blasting Caps. I have never seen one and don’t know anyone that has ever seen one, but apparently there most have been thousands of kids in the 60’s that blew up.


According to the PSA you could die 10 minutes from being locked in a refrigerator. I don’t think we ever had a refrigerator with a lock on it, but I figured there must be some people that needed to protect their liverwurst. 


According to the PSA’s there were thousands of kids overdosing on drugs every day. This Bill Cosby PSA taught me to stay away from ”speed” but it didn’t say anything about America’s favorite Dad slipping a ”roofie” into my Kool-Aid. 

Barbara Calati
David Lipinski
Jerry McCarty

Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers

American Cancer Society
St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital




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