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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Bob 'Firecracker' Hope, and I want to tell you itís been a wild and wacky few months with the McCarty Family. Hereís some of the exciting things that have happened...

How about that Dana McCarty getting sick from drinking shots of Fireball on her 21st Birthday? Isnít that something? I havenít seen a shot cause that much damage since the Zebruiter Film. Isnít that wild?

How about Rick McCarty going to Vegas for a seminar for ďWater CopsĒ? Isnít that wild? I havenít seen Rick gamble that much with water since he dove into our 3-foot above ground pool on Sussex. Isnít that something?

How about Austin McCarty going to Bonnaroo? Wasnít that something? Austin hasnít had that much fun in Tennessee since Larry McCartyís Corn Hole Tournament. Isnít that wild?

How about Jerry McCarty volunteering for a Cryogenic Cancer Treatment. Isnít that wild? They told him that he has nothing to worry about because the worst thing to come out of the Frozen treatment was ďOlaf the SnowmanĒ. Isnít that something?

How about Steve McCarty appearing on WCYT 99.5FM talking about the Detroit Music Scene? Wasnít that something? Steveís the first McCarty to be on the radio since the Shelby Shadow chased down a Trucker. Isnít that wild?

How about Jenna McCartyís Hip Hop Dance Recital? Wasnít that wild? Her dad, Steve McCarty even brought some Faygo along so that she could Pop & Lock. Isnít that something?

How about Mona and Al taking Ryan, Missy and family to a Disney Cruise? Wasnít that something? Luke, Mia, and Brayden havenít had that much fun with Goofy since they helped Grandpa Mike make his McCarty Metro Movie? Wasnít that wild?

How about Chris and Amanda taking Kelly McCarty to Tumalo Falls for Fatherís Day. Wasnít that wild? Kelly hasnít seen that much water since Cliff the Park Director at Coyle Park unplugged a fire hydrant for Street Showers? Isnít that something?

How about Andy McCarty being featured on Baltimore Television as The Ghost acting like a homeless person? Isnít that something? I havenít seen a better actor from Baltimore since John Wilkes Booth. Isnít that wild?

How about Megan McCarty eating a Snack Crate on Facebook Live with her cousins Lauren Staggs and Amanda McCarty? Wasnít that wild? I havenít seen anything that exciting on Facebook since Mark Zuckerburg butt dialed one of the Winklevoss twins. Isnít that something?

I hope you all have a Happy Fourth of July,  and... 

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