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Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Bob ďMistletoeĒ Hope, and I wanna tell you, there has been a lot of exciting things happening with the McCartyís in the last few months. 

How about Kevin McCarty dressing up as the Elf on the Shelf for the Ellen Show? Wasnít that wild? Kevin hasnít been that interested in dancing for a lesbian since he was in high school and had posters of Bea Arthur on his bedroom wall. Isnít that something?

How about Evan McCarty getting run into by a hit and run driver in a Ford Explorer near San Diego? Isnít that something? I havenít seen a that much damage caused by an Explorer since Christopher Columbus brought small pox to the native Americans. Isnít that wild?

How about Dana working as a dog groomer? Isnít that wild? I havenít seen anyone in Los Angeles work on that many dogs since the make-up person on ďThe ViewĒ. Isnít that something?

How about Megan McCarty getting a summer internship at a software engineering company in Farmington Hills? Isnít that wild? Her objective for the internship is to play lots of Solitaire. Isnít that something?

How about Steve McCarty being named CEO of UHY Advisors? Isnít that something? That news marks the first time Steve has been in Crainís Detroit Business since their ďWho Wore it BetterĒ column last year. Isnít that wild? 

How about Jerry McCarty getting 8 units of blood and 8 units of platelets this month. Isnít that something? Thatís the most pints a McCarty has had since Kelly McCarty went to 2 for 1 Guinness Night at the Shamrock Pub. Isnít that wild?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and ...

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