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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Bob ďMay DayĒ Hope, and I want to tell you that it has been a wild and wacky Spring with the McCartys.

How about that Kelly McCarty having knee replacement surgery? Wasnít that something? Kelly hasnít seen that many stitches since he let out the waistband on his JC Penney Quad. Isnít that wild?

How about Mike and Karen going with Ryan and Missy to see the Lion King musical in Grand Rapids? Wasnít that wild? Thatís the first time Mike has cried when a lion died since Chuck Hughes. Isnít that something?

How about Steve McCarty hanging out with Darren McCarty? Wasnít that something? I havenít seen Steve enjoy an Old Wing that much since he found Popeyeís leftovers in his refrigerator. Isnít that wild?

How about that youngster Bobby B. getting a new guitar? Isnít that wild? Sara did get a little worried when Bobby told her that he wanted to buy a new G-String. Isnít that something?

How about Brad, Valerie, Olivia, Gray, and Austin McCarty going to the Detroit Zoo? Wasnít that something? They havenít had that much fun watching pigs feed since they went to the Hometown Country Buffet. Isnít that wild?

How about Megan McCarty being inducted into the MSU Tower Guard? Wasnít that wild? I havenít seen anyone that smart and green since Yoda. Isnít that something?

How about Steve, Kristen, and Jenna going to Disney World for Spring Break? Wasnít that something? Steve hasnít been seen in Florida with Goofy since he and Wally Jankowski went to Daytona. Isnít that wild?

How about Gina and Larry remodeling their bathroom? Wasnít that wild? Larry hasnít enjoyed a flush that much since playing Mississippi Stud in Vegas. Isnít that something?

How about that 3.6 Magnitude Earthquake in Detroit? Wasnít that something? I havenít seen that much shaking in Detroit since Aretha Franklin took a Zumba Class. Isnít that wild?

I hope you have a great Motherís Day, and... 

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