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EDITOR'S NOTE: Many Metro readers are aware that Jerry McCarty wrote "Bob Hope Tweets from Heaven" and other staples of the McCarty Metro. His passing on Dec. 17 marked the end of these columns that were filled with Jerry's trademark humor.

But somehow... the Metro has received one last round of "Bob Hope" tweets.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is Bob "Heaven's Welcome Wagon Master" Hope, and I wanna tell you, there has been a lot of exciting things happening with a certain McCarty.

How about Jerry McCarty moving in up here? Isn't that wild? But rest in peace? C'mon, Jerry rest? You know what, he's been riding his unicycle everywhere, reviving karaoke nights, juggling maracas, and breaking up foot-hockey fights between his dad and brother Dan. What, did you think this was a rest home up here? 

And, hoo-boy, Jerry has been to a bunch of out-of-work-actors shows here. You know what, the line to see Howard "Floyd the Barber" McNeer is the same length as Don "Deputy Fife" Knott's ... and mine! Isn't that equitably wild?

The only problem is that Jerry gabs incessantly about something called Brad Savage & The Cockroaches. What does "bee eye by, bee oh bo" mean anyway? Isn't that wild? You bet your bippy-eye-bo don't you know.

Of course, we're still doing USO road shows with Bing, Jayne and ... oh, now the shows are for the USA (the "A" stands for Angels, the winged kind, not the bats-and-glove kind in L.A.) And "DJ Jerry" is on the circuit with us. The boy has the gift of gab, and he knows my shtick better than me!

Oh, and podcasts! Jerry can't stop rounding up B-listers and talking to 'em. Slim Pickens, Eve Arden, Andy Devine, Jack Elam ... Why, our new recruit can't stop talking trivia with these folks. Isn't that wild? I mean, how many times can you ask Jim Backus why he could never get off Gilligan's Island. By the way, what is a podcast?

Well, this is Bob Hope, signing off for now. I am having the time of my soul life, and so is Jerry. Isn't that wild?

         You can catch more of Bob Hope's Tweets From Heaven on Twitter @bobhopeinheaven



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