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Forget all the presidential election polls. We have the McCarty Thanksgiving Poll.
McCartys from around the country and beyond responded – L.A., Tennessee, Michigan … even Iraq.
Here are the results.


MacWhat part of the Thanksgiving turkey do you like the best? Why?What will you wish for on Thanksgiving when you break the wishbone?What is your most memorable Thanksgiving experience?
KellyI would have to say that I'm a "dark meat" man. I really enjoy all the other things that complement the turkey. The stuffin’, smashed potatoes, kielbasa, stuffed celery and dates. MAN!!! THAT'S EATING!!!Health and happiness for all, and that we all can share Christmas together one more time.My most memorable experiences from Thanksgiving have to be trying to concoct an antenna that would allow us a glimpse at the blacked-out Lions football game from channel 3 in Cleveland. Even though the weather would be fine here, it sure was snowing (TV static) in Cleveland.
MikeDefinitely “dark.” Give me a leg to gnaw on and I’m a happy Pilgrim. But my favorite is stuffing  and gravy. Urp.

A safe and happy Thanksgiving for Dennis in Iraq. Same for all Metro subscribers in the U.S. of A.

When Mr. Joswiak next door took an ax and chopped off the head of a live turkey, and the bird ran around the yard with no head in front a bunch of scared kids.
LarryThe drumstick ... being a former Cockroach ... that was my instrument.World peace. Oh… I'm sorry ... I thought the question was "If I was Miss America what would I wish for?"Eating stuffed dates ... or was that watching my date stuff her face ... no ... it was eating stuffed dates and then looking for my Easter basket.
RickThe breast. Why? Because I am not gay.That John Kerry’s only job prospect is being the cap twister at a catsup factory.Dad giving me an extra finger splash of mashed spuds from the big pot because he always liked me best.

I'm not a big turkey guy, but I'll take whatever is handed to me.

A million dollars, what else?

My favorite part of Thanksgiving Day is the Detroit Lions football game with the old uniforms.

AnnMy favorite part of the turkey is any white meat.

My wish would be that we could live a little closer to family.

My most memorable Thanksgiving was when we all enjoyed the fabulous turkey my mom cooked, and when we were cleaning up discovered that the bird was not cooked all the way.  We all thought we would get sick.  Of course, we didn't but we still tease my mom about it.  (She’s a good cook .....really.)
RyanWhite meatMy wish is to have a lawn and patio by next Thanksgiving.Not being able to eat until my dad asks everybody at the table what they’re thankful for.
MissyWhite meat.I wish Ann and Andy and Sam are home in Michigan.Watching my dad and uncle snore after Thanksgiving dinner.
CarlaWhite meat, because I like it.

That my girls would be completely healthy and happy.

My grandma's friend, who weighed about 100 pounds, would fill up his dinner plate to overflowing, 3 times,  and eat it. Then he would eat at least one piece of every pie we had for dessert (the minimum was 3 types) and of a cup of coffee. Where did he put it all?

A combination of white and dark meat (I don't Discriminate.)

A new car.


Most memorable Thanksgiving experience? Hearing that my dad got pulled over by the police and when asked if he was drunk, said, “No, but I did eat a lot of turkey.”

JerryMy favorite part of the turkey is the crust on the pot pie.


This year I will wish for an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

My most memorable Thanksgiving was when Mum was making dinner and sent me to the store for some napkins.  I rode my bike to the corner store and ran in saying, "my mom needs napkins, it's an emergency."  I rode home with a big box of feminine hygiene products on my handlebars.  While we were at the table, I asked my mom why she was mad at me and she said, “Shut up and wipe your mouth with your toilet paper!"
KathleneMy favorite part of the turkey is the turkey sandwich the next day.


I will be wishing that some more McCartys come out to visit us this winter.

One of our most memorable Thanksgivings was when 80-year old Mary Jane Croft (Lucille Ball's co-star on “The Lucy Show” and Classic TV royalty) spent the holiday with us. She thought we lived in "Pleasantville," and danced with Dana, who was 2 at the time. She gave us some good inside dirt on Lucy and the rest of the cast, too.
DennisTurkey white meat is my favorite

Probably don't have a single "most memorable" event, but here are some runners-up:
Remember ...
  • Watching J L Hudson Thanksgiving Parade on TV with all of Mom's rules:

    1. You had to spot Dad in uniform among 300 other policemen at the tail end of the parade on a fuzzy B&W TV. (I think I see him, Mom!)
    2. You had to wave to Santa Claus on TV and he needed to wave back to you or you wouldn’t get any Christmas presents.
    3. You had to wave to Christmas Carol on her float on TV.

  • Dad taking us down to the parade to watch it (on Beaubien?) and giving us Vernor's Ginger Ale, old comic books with their covers ripped off, and a chance to look at prisoners in cells who would always yell, "Give me the phone kid."
  • Eating stuffed celery and stuffed dates from Mom's kitchen.
  • Bowling matchup of McCartys vs. Murrays/Jack/Lois. Lois was their best bowler because she was on a league and had a famous turkey trot approach.
  • A blind date with Sue Kelly on Thanksgiving 1969 to watch "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid." This blind date was instigated by brother Rick who gave her my college address. Rick, this woman really didn't look anything like Katherine Ross as she or you had advertised.

-Happy Thanksgiving, from Dennis

KristenStuffing, because I don't like turkey.My wish? Dessert.

Most memorable... the year that Bob (yes, your Dad) dropped the turkey.


KarenI’ll take the thigh. But my most favorite part is when the turkey is all cleaned up and in the refrigerator.I wish that Andy and Ann and Sam lived closer.I remember when Dad salted my plate for me.  I also remember watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade from my Dad’s office window in the Majestic Building.
MargaretWhite Meat (because it tastes good)That my first husband stays, is, gets healthyOur annual "Thanksgiving Walk Around The Block" in the old neighborhood
ChrisDa MeatA Lion victoryBecause of tryptophan, I have no memories
SteveThe ScrotumThe ScrotumWaking up and seeing Mom and Dad making everything in the Kitchen for dinner. Awesome memories.

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