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Thanksgiving Quiz

See how many of these you know.

1. Which character was the first balloon to take flight in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? 
Mickey MouseFelix the CatSupermanChilly Willy
2. What TV show had the famous line "I thought turkeys could fly"
TAXIMary Tyler Moore ShowWKRP in CincinnatiCheers
3. In which film did John Wayne utter his signature phrase, "Pilgrim?"
Red RiverStagecoachTrue GritThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
4. Which current balloon has made the most consecutive appearances in the Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Bullwinkle The Cat in the HatRockyGarfield
5. In "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving", Snoopy fixes Thanksgiving dinner consisting of...
Fried Egg SandwichesPopcorn and ToastBacon & EggsIce Cream
6. What decade featured the first Hudson's Parade?
7. When Chilly Willy broke free at the 1990 Hudson's Parade, where was he found?
Grosse PointeBelle IsleWindsorWalpole Island
8. The first Department Store to hold a Thanksgiving Parade was...
9. According to Butterball, when cooking turkey, when should you put aluminum over the drum sticks and breast
Right at the startHalf way2/3 finishedLast 15 minutes
10. Within 5 pounds, what was the heaviest turkey ever recorded?

Your Name

October Results - Halloween Horror Movies

Many of you got a perfect 10. Congratulations.

10 CorrectJonathan Woodson, SBALCH, Jerry McCarty, Lake Speed, Raiff, Larry Wendt, Ovid Reider
7 CorrectMatt Scholl
2 CorrectSteve-O

Name The Horror Movie From The Year & Stars Listed
(Answers Must Be Exact)

1. 1984, Robert EnglundNightmare On Elm Street
2. 1973, Linda Blair and Ellen BurstynThe Exorcist
3. 1982, JoBeth Williams and Craig T. NelsonPoltergeist
4. 1979, Tom Skerritt and Sigourney WeaverAlien
5. 1974, Gunnar Hansen and Marilyn BurnsTexas Chainsaw Massacre
6. 1976, Sissy Spacek and Piper LaurieCarrie
7. 1976, Gregory Peck and Lee RemickThe Omen
8. 1980, Jack Nicholson and Shelley DuvallThe Shining
9. 1931, Bela Lugosi and Helen ChandlerDracula
10. 1978, Tony Moran and Jamie Lee CurtisHalloween

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