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Brad Savage and the Cockroach Quiz
Identify the Correct Brad Savage/Eric Swan/Bob Dantzer Lyrics. You get 1 point for picking the next correct line in the song, and 1 point for guessing the song title. A perfect score gets you front row tickets to see the band on their 1-night only reunion tour. The most points gets the Brad Savage & The Cockroaches CD set.
Pick The Next Line In The SongName That Song
1. "There’s a little Ant, who everyone said can’t. So he drank three beers ...”

a. ”… and he did a little Dance”
b. “... and he peed in his little pants”
c. “... and moved to France”
d. “... and threw up in his boot”
2. “Why do you sit there at your desk? …”

a. “… Come on with me and we’ll get wet”
b. “… You bring the toothbrush and I’ll bring the Crest”
c. “… Copying answers on a true and false test”
d. “… Sharpening pencils and straightening your dress”

3. “Curly’s at a party, his tux is too tight….”

a. “… Shemp sat on some dynamite”
b. “… Moe and Larry start a cream pie fight”
c. “… Joe’s loafers seem a little light”
d. “… He gets hit on the head and says good night”

4. “They’re talking about her in the halls…”

a. “… I phoned last night and she didn’t return my call”
b. “… She used to go out with a guy named Paul”
c. “… You can get her number from the Bathroom Wall”
d. “… She’s the talk of the bathroom from stall to stall.”

5. “She’s a real live wire, she’s too hot to handle. She….”

a. “… Causes interference on my TV Channel
b. “… Lights my fire like a Roman Candle”
c. “… Looks a little like Marlene Brandel”
d. “… Goes to the beach with electric sandals”

6. “ We never wash it, we wait till it rains.….”

a. “… The carpeting has a real big stain”
b. “… There’s a really big problem with the drive train.
c. “… The AM radio seems a little lame”
d. “… One hubcap’s missing and the others aren’t the same”

7. “A girl opened up the door, wearing just a negligee.
She said I like the sound, but you turn it down…”

a. “… I’m tired and it’s really late”
b. “… I’ve been working hard all day”
c. “… I’m trying to watch Happy Days”
d. “… And why is the bass player wearing a cape?”

8. “Stay away, cause she’s no good…"

a. “… Stay at home and do what you should”
b. “… She has a pitchfork and wears a hood” 
c. “… Ask anybody in the neighborhood”
d. “… She left me crying right wear I stood”

9. "I'm in love with the Chocolate Shop girl...

a. "... Her teeth seem to sparkle like pearls"
b. "... Her wax lips are out of this world"
c. "... We like to watch Milton Berle"
d. "... Her red hair gives me a curl"

10. "Having one girl kiss you can be nice....

a. "... But in the grand scheme would it be wise"
b. "... C'mon girl and lets roll the dice"
c. "... But it is better with two girls kissing you twice"
d. "... Give me all your love or maybe just a slice"

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July Results

Kristen McCarty10 / 10
Steve-O McCarty9 / 10
Jill McCarty, Ryan & Missy McCarty8 / 10
Jerry McCarty, Kathlene McCarty7 / 10
Larry McCarty6 / 10
Jim Minnema3 / 10

Yes, I was a busy boy taking pictures at the wedding, and thus comes another quiz. This was a quiz to see if you knew the back of a McCarty's head. Shown below were 9 McCartys who attended the McCarty/Stabler wedding on June 26. To help you out, listed below were the choices. For the 10th question, there were 5 scalps, but only 1 belonged to a McCarty. (yes I am obnoxious) Your job was to pick out the McCarty from the 5 choices.


Andy McCarty


Chris McCarty (Grand Rapids)


Missy McCarty


Kathlene McCarty


Larry McCarty


Mike McCarty


Jerry McCarty


Margaret McCarty


Kelly McCarty

10. Pick out the 1 McCarty from this group
D.E.The Correct Answer Was


Chris McCarty
(Clinton Township)

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